What To Plant

* Lettuce

* Tomatoes

* Kale

* Carrots (my fav!)

* Radishes

* Broccoli

* Cauliflower

* Cabbage

* Swiss Chard

* Onions

* Green Beans

* Peas

* Pole Beans (no they're not dirty)

* Sunflowers

* Nasturtiums

* Cosmos

* Marigolds

Deering Bay Community Garden all weeded and ready for planting!  It's about 21'X15ft'

It's Time To Plant!

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Fall planting season is finally here! Granted, it's still pretty hot here in South Florida, but little by verrrryyyy little, the temperatures are going down. It's time to weed your raised garden beds and pots to prepare for new plants!  I can't lie, my garden is full of sneaky weeds and it'll take me a couple, a few...ALOT, of hours to pull them all out (rzzzaffrzzaa dagnabit sonofa grrrr......), and then I'll need to add some new soil and mix it in with the old.  I also usuallly buy a bag of worm compost to mix in with my soil (this adds more nutrients).  If you like, this is when you can add a layer of compost as well and mix it all together.

If you are just starting a garden for the first time, here is a link to an article that teaches you how to make a raised garden bed out of cinder blocks or wood.  It's from The University of FL so it's legit...UM is better though! Go Canes!

If you'd rather grow your plants in pots, make sure to buy some nice large pots (no rinky dinky pots and squeezing in three plants into one pot!).  Try no more than 2 plants per pot and aim for at least a 7 gallon pot.



Make sure all pots have holes at the bottom.  If they don't, drill some in.  Without holes, the water has no where to drain and it will sit in the pots and plants and rot them until they die.  Sad face.

Also, it can help to get some  small flat rocks and place them under your pots.  This is so, when you water, and the water drains, the pot doesn't create a seal with the floor/tile and stick to it.

Most of our vegetables and fruits need about 6 Hours of Sun, preferably morning sun (it isn't as hot and severe as the afternoon) in order to grow well, so place your plants accordingly.  

If you want to grow from seeds, Johnny Seeds is a great resource and they ship pretty quickly.  To grow from starter plants, try your local nursery or even Home Depot has a good selection.

When planting, you want to give your new plant babies lots of room to grow, so leave at least 6 inches between plants when putting them in the ground.  For a large pot, no more than 2 plants.  Some plants will need trellises or cages for support as they get taller.

1) Prepare your garden for planting (weed, add soil)

2) Purchase Plants

3) Plant

4) Water Daily or at least every other Day

5) Wait anywhere from 30- 80 days for most plants and they will be ready to harvest (read the seed packages to know).

I'll be posting some more articles about certain plants and problems all throughout the growing season so check back for new info. soon!  And if you have any questions, feel free to send me a quick e-mail :) 

Peace, Love, and Plants


Kristy, the "Plant Ninja"

If you'd like some hands on instruction, you can come to my next Vegetable Gardening class December 14, 2018 at 10:30am.  Call Pinecrest Gardens: 305.669.6990 to register.  $20 (includes take home presentation and plants).  Check home page for more events :)

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