MEET Padfoot: aka:"Sirius Black"

We got  Padfoot almost 3 years ago.  Our older dog, Rogue, a German Shephard Chow Chow mix that we raised since she was a puppy, had recently passed away :(  My sister -in-law mentioned that her mom had a couple puppies from her neighborhood, but couldn't keep them.  I didn't want them to go to the shelter, so we adopted one, while they eventually decided to keep the other (which someone ended up stealing out of their backyard - those dirty rotten scoundels!!!) 

After much debate, we decided to name him Padfoot Sirius Black, after one of my all-time favorite characters from Harry Potter.  We think he is a Bulldog, Lab mix; he's about 100 lbs, but one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.  He makes everyone smile when they see him and he loves everyone in turn, so I saw it only fitting to share he's adorableness and joy with the world, here on the site.  You can watch him grow more gigantic and loving everyday ;)

Best Friends
Cooling Off
Puppy in Socks

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