Growing Big Beautiful roses can be a challenge in South Florida.  It's possible, but you need certain cultivars that can take our oh so special South Florida weather (aka: sun of a thousand blazing souls and humid air you can slice with a butter knife).

According to the University of Florida, " By definition, a Florida-Friendly rose is one that's suited to the site and requires little maintenance. Good examples include old garden roses like 'Louis Philippe', 'Mutabilis', and 'Mrs. B.R. Cant', and newer roses like Knock-Out® and Drift® roses."

A few years ago, my mom came home with the cutest little pink rose that she purchased from Publix, go figure.  I was like, "no that's gonna die for sure."  Lo' and Behold, four years later this badass rose plant is still kicking butt!  I wish I could tell you the name of this beautiful little guy, but the name tag disappeared many moons ago.  Sad face.

Mini roses are usually grown in small spaces and in containers.  Give them a nice rich, well draining soil.  Always remember to use a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom!  The roses we have are grown in 5-7 gallon pots.  Like most herbs and veggies, they require around 6 hours or more of sunlight a day and regular watering (not soaking wet, but not bone dry either).  I find that the mini roses are more drought tolerant than their bigger brothers too. :)

Most will get to be anywhere in between 8"-32" tall.  

Mini roses tend to continuously bloom throughout the year, especially if you feed them every few weeks. (try using a natural liquid algae fertilizer that you would spray on the leaves and roots every few weeks and/or a mix of bone meal and blood meal, mixed into the soil about every month.).  

I find when they look a little yellow, or are not blooming as much, I pour in some old coffee grounds and tea leaves.  The acidity gives the plants a lovely pick me up.

Another bonus: I've never had any disease problems or insect problems with my miniature roses.  Seriously, that's a huge bonus.  

Extra Bonus Tip: Clean your pruners with alcohol before cutting or trimming any roses to help keep them disease free! (works great for orchid care too)

Your best bet is to find a mini rose at a Local Nursery, a Whole Foods, or even a Walmart or Publix.  You can also find online nurseries who will ship you plants.

Happy Growing! & always stop to smell the Roses ;)

*Drift Roses


Awesome Mini Cultivars

*Drift Roses

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* "Bambino" 

Awesome Mini Cultivars

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