Start Your Seedlings!

We are officially in our Fall growing season and if you haven't started already, it's time to plant your seeds and stater plants!  In the "Tools & Resources" section above, I have some links to some great websites and Nurseries where you can buy quality organic seeds and starter plants. No matter where you live, shop at your local nurseries first​ instead of big stores like Home Depot and Lowes.  Sometimes, big companies can get away with not following the rules when it comes to spraying pesticides, and you want all of your edible plants to be pesticide free!!! (Especially true for South Florida Home Depots who purchase from growers who are not so Organic friendly).

Starter plants are just small plants that you purchase and then plant in your own garden (or container pots).  You can purchase starters, to skip having to grow from seed, but in my opinion, you get the most fun out of growing directly from seeds!  It will take more patience, but the variety of plants you can grow this way is too awesome.

If you look at the packet of seeds, it should tell you how many days it will take from germination (when you first see a green shoot) until maturation (when the plant is ready to harvest).

Most of all, just remember to have fun while you're growing and planting! And if some things end up dying, don't stress it!  It happens to everyone, seriously.  Just learn what went wrong and try again :)

You can always shoot me a message if you have any growing questions!  I'm happy to help!

Much Love,

Kristy Albury

The Plant Ninja

Try growing all kinds of different plants, but make sure you know your growing Zone, because not every plant will grow well (or at all) in different zones.  Here in South Florida, we are Zone 10.  Here is a link to know what to grow when in Florida!

            What to Grow

Strawberry plants we planted at the Deering Bay Golf Course Garden

We also made signs out of chalkboard and acrylic paint to keep track of what we planted!


We used row covers to protect the plants from peacocks!  They like to dig up new plants.

Isn't Mom Super cute in her gardening overalls?!!

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