What It Means to Be  Grateful

Today is Thanksgiving.  A Day for focusing on the things we have in life, the things we can be grateful for, the present moment; to not just focus on "things", but on feelings, moments, states of mind, states of being, the intangibles in our lives. If we're lucky, we get to spend the day with loved ones and some delicious food ;)  But if we're really lucky, we will give ourselves a few moments, at least, to stop the business of our lives and "to do lists," and just breathe in gratefulness for all that we are, all the we have, and the amazing things to come in the future.

In my own life, I've found that whenever I feel off, or lacking, or down, I'm not focused on the present moment and all that I am and have right now.  It is a simple practice, to pause, notice our thoughts and emotions, and then choose to be grateful for everything.

So in this moment, I choose to think about all the things I am grateful for.  In a way, this is like prayer.  But you don't have to be religious to be thankful and appreciative.  Be thankful for all the times you've smiled and laughed, the times you've stood in awe and amazement at something beautiful, the times you've cried and mourned (for they have truly taught you much), the times you've been at peace and relaxed, the times you've been scared, the times you've been bored, the times you lost yourself in an activity you love.  

For me, I am thankful for it all.  It may sound cliche, but cliches exist because they have truth.

Thank you Mom and Dad.  Thank you my sisters and brother.  My nieces and nephews, my brothers in laws and sisters in laws, my cousins, aunts, uncles, my old friends, my new friends, my friends I will meet in the future, my amazing friends who stand by me today, to all those I love and who have loved me, my dear pets I have loved throughout many years, all the opportunities (even the ones I have said no to), the mailman who brings me all my amazon packages!!!! lol, my coworkers, sunrises, sunsets, books, music, talents, individuality, hope the Earth, and God.  

A Giant Thank You to All.

Sending Much Love,

Kristy Leigh Albury <3

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