Do The Work That You Love


I am lucky enough to work a job that I love.  I say lucky, but really, it's the choices I've made and opportunities I've taken or not taken, that have lead me to where I am today.  I am a professional Gardener, and to me, this means that I get to spend every day outside, in nature, connecting to people, animals, plants, and my environment as a whole.  It's pretty flippin' amazing.

I originally went to the University of Miami (Go Canes!) not knowing what career path I desired.  I chose to study Film, Art, & Art History.  Horticulture wasn't even on my radar as a possible career choice.  I grew up gardening with my mom and older brother.  We always had a veggie and herb garden in the backyard.





Lately, I've been trying to listen more to what others are saying and not just react and talk, but really, truly listen.  A lot of what I am hearing tends to revolve around things that are wrong or upsetting to the person talking.  Sometimes, I'll try to offer my opinion or a possibke solution, but usually, the other person/people don't really take a solution or advice to heart.

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