You're Orchid's Not Dead ...Yet!


Sorry for the dramatic title; I couldn't help myself, but I wrote it to make a point. I want to talk about orchids today because they are so popular and tons of us want to grow them, without killing them and I've come across this situation soooooooo many times:

Person: "I think my orchid is dead!

Me: "Why do you think that?"

Person: "Well, the flower is dying!"

Me: "Are the leaves still green and healthy looking?"

Person: "Well, yes, but..."

Me: "It's okay.  The flowers on orchids are not meant to last forever.  They will die, but the plant will keep growing and most likely, next season, will bloom again (depending on the orchid).

This year, on April 9th, I will be teaching an Intro. to Orchids at Pinecrest Gardens!  So mark your calendars if you want to sign up and join us!  Orchid Growing Series 

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